uPVC Windows

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Casement windows
uPVC casement windows are a popular choice of window due to the low-maintenance, never rotting, rusting or flaking. They are always fitted with precision to ensure maximum energy efficiency, as well as always being fitted with energy efficient glass.
Sliding sash windows
Whether you want to replace your existing wooden timber sliding sash windows or install new sash windows, this traditional style of low-maintenance construction ensures aesthetic appeal and versatility.

Over time, wooden sash windows are exposed to rot, rattle and draughts. uPVC sash windows combat all of these problems, making your house more energy efficient, requires little maintenance and are longer-lasting.
All windows are fitted with energy efficient glass for example an efficiency of an A rating
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Mock/horned sash windows
Mock or horned sash windows are designed to look like a traditional sash windows, with all the benefits of an opening casement window. They usually consist of a lower fixed pane and a moveable upper pane, usually top hung, push-out windows.