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Acoustic Glass

If you're looking for a way to significantly reduce noise levels, acoustic glass could be the solution. Based in Chessington, our glaziers carry free site visits across the whole Richmond, Surrey and Kingston Upon Thames area. Call Alpha Glass London to find out more.

Keep noise down to a minimum

Acoustic glass is a great way to combat noise pollution - perfect if you in a built up area or near busy roads. It won't just help you at home either. This type of glass can be used for schools, office buildings, meeting rooms and other spaces where sound needs to be minimised. If you need a bit more peace and quiet, contact the team at Alpha Glass London. We're happy to travel within a 50-mile radius to give you a free quote on fitting.

Toughened glass being fitted
Alpha Glass Team working on job

Alpha Glass London offer a range of acoustic glass, designed to control sound and improve acoustic performance. Fitting glass that is 6.8mm laminated, will have a reduction of 35dB, through to 16.8mm laminated, resulting in a 42dB reduction.


Acoustic glass has an inter-layer, making it much stronger. Impact safety tested, you can enjoy the added peace of mind that comes from knowing your investment is safe, strong and worth every penny.

Energy efficient

The innovative design doesn't just stop sound, it also helps with heat loss. The laminated panes of glass can help you keep your energy bills down and your carbon footprint to a minimum. Contact our team in Chessington to arrange a free quote.

    At Alpha Glass, we use high quality materials for manufacturing, you know your new installation is built to last.
    Our FENSA registered experts provide a 24 hour glazing service across London and Surrey.
    We can beat any genuine price. Give us a call for a free quote.

Recent Projects

office with large glass panels
Reduce noise levels in your home or workplace

Talk to Alpha Glass London about our range of acoustic glass

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