Other glass services

Interior glass systems
– Interior glass screens and doors are a fantastic way to create smaller spaces, whilst ensuring they look bigger. Floor to ceiling screens are a perfect alternative to internal walls as they allow more light to pass through. Changing your interior doors for glass also allows spaces to seem larger. Worried about the privacy? We can incorporate a range of designs, including sandblasted glass. These systems are ideal for new spaces like studios, gyms or larger house conversions.
Sandblasted glass
– Wanting to keep your privacy and ensure your room receives light? Sandblasted glass is the perfect way to keep both of these. Perfect in offices, perfect around the home, this glass is there to help you. Alpha Glass London can supply and fit your sandblasted glass. For more information on options and purposes, contact us for a free consultation.
Double glazed glass roofs
– No matter what the outside climate, glass roofs will still keep a room warm and comfortable. Flooding a room with natural light, these designs will completely change the way a space looks. Rooms with few windows, new extensions, or just modernising, call us to help you drench your space with light.
Walkable glass floors
– Glass floors are not only aesthetically pleasing on the eye, but are also extremely practical. These exquisite designs can also help bring much-needed natural light into lower floors, help insulate your property, and also help with ventilating. They are one of glass’ most impressive jobs, for anything from your basement, to providing an under-floor tank for all your marine life!
Glass table tops
– Whether it be for an existing table top, to replace a broken top or to finish your own creative design, we can supply you with the glass you need. Coming in a range of shapes, sizes and thicknesses, we will help you decide on the perfect, toughened table top – for added safety.
Glass awnings/glass canopies
– Want a bridge between the garden and your property? Glass awnings/verandas are an excellent way in providing a sheltered area whilst still having the benefits of being outside. Being able to use your patio for longer and more comfortably, glass canopies are there to extend the usability of these areas. Making the space how you want it, lights and heaters add to the aesthetics of outside glass. Contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can make your space work for you.
Glass walls
– There isn’t a better way to flood your home or commercial property than with a glass wall. Structural glass walls are a modern addition, with the added benefits of more natural daylight. Spending more and more time inside, it is imperative our bodies receive vitamin D from sunlight. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also allow us to become closer with nature, with minimal detailing.
Secondary glazing
– Secondary glazing is a fantastic way to boost your home efficiency, without having to replace your whole window unit. By installing an independent, internal window, it provides a whole host of benefits from: added security, improved insulation, and noise reduction to name a few. There are many different types of secondary glazing that we can supply, including sliding, hinged and fixed units. Contact us to discuss your requirements and let us advise you.