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Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass is a type of laminated safety glass with a sound absorbent (PVB) Interlayer, providing noticeable insulation against noise and helping to create quieter interiors Acoustic glass greatly reduces noise pollution, from air, train and road traffic, and general street noise and noisy neighbours. Also effective at keeping sound in where consideration to neighbours is required. Acoustic glass is safety glass conforming to British standards (6206) and can be used in safety critical areas, and can be combined with other glass products to form a double glaze sealed unit.

Typically used for:

Any application where there is a need to insulate against excessive noise levels, like homes, offices, commercial premises, train stations, and night clubs.

For use in single and double glazed units.

Glass Thickness:

6.8mm 8.8mm 10.8mm 12.8mm and 16.8mm


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